China Europe 2006 set for France

Paul Boughton

China Europa 2006, which will be held from 6th-8th December in Le Havre, France, is the first conference to be held on Chinese-European industrial sector relationships.

The event is primarily for European and Chinese CEO's that wish to forge long term industrial partnerships and sign commercial agreements in the aeronautics, automobile, industrial equipment, metallurgy, energy, plastics, electronics, eco-industry and logistics segments.

For three days, China Europa will be the scene of networking and long-term business opportunity between French officals, European businessmen, and Chinese CEOs that wish to grow their activities on the Chinese and French markets.

Given the dynamic growth of Europe-Chinese trade relations (they currently exceed EUR100 billion bilaterally, with Chinese exports and imports increasing 20 per cent annually) China Europa will promote productive dialogue between enterprises while at the same time providing them with the information they need to deploy their development strategies in China and Europe.

Le Havre, which is France's leading foreign trade port and the country's number one platform for trade with Asia (Chinese import/export activities account for 20 per cent of the port's total traffic, a figure that increased 25 per cent from 2004-2005), shares with China the distinction of being the premier port for trade between Asia and Europe.

Organised by Le Havre Développement, China Europa is also the beneficiary of official support from the French Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Trade of the People's Republic of China.

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