High precision linear stages

Paul Boughton

Newport Corporation’s new GTS family of high-precision linear stages provide high sensitivity and outstanding trajectory accuracy in a compact, robust and cost-effective package.

They are a solution for applications such as surface scanning, test and calibration, optical component alignment and attachment, and optical delay lines.

Newport’s GTS stages are machined from stress-relieved 7075 aluminum ensuring long-term strength and stability. The advanced asymmetric body design with defined flexible preload provides consistent results over varying temperatures. The extra thin T-shape carriage is further optimized for different load conditions including XY configurations and high vertical loads.

To ensure the most accurate trajectory control, GTS stages use matched pairs of anti-creep crossed roller bearings. A high-torque dc motor and a low friction ball screw drive eliminate stick-slip effects and ensure ultra-smooth motion with 100 nm sensitivity.

Precision position feedback is provided by an optical scale with 50 nm resolution. The optical scale is mounted in the center of the stage to eliminate all drive-train induced motion errors.

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