‘Cool’ innovation for face respirators

Paul Boughton

3M has integrated a ‘cool’ new feature into its range of 6000 Series Full Face Respirators. The new design incorporates an exhalation valve at the base of the respirator that channels exhaled air downwards and out, providing maximum comfort and high efficiency.

3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Product Manager, Vikki Nash explains: On most full face respiratorsexhaled air escapes through an open grill on the front of the respirator. During usemoisture and heat can build up inside the respiratorand this can lead to discomfort. Additionally the front grill can be difficult to clean after use. The new design of the 6000 Series incorporates a covered front grill that facilitates low maintenance. And the exhalation valve at the bottom of the respirator channels exhaled air downwardsaway from the face; thereby improving breathingenabling easy speech transmissionimproving heat and moisture build-up and ultimately making the respirator cooler and more comfortable."

At only 400 grams (excluding filters) the 6000 Series Full Face Mask with new exhalation valve is one of the lightestmost well-balanced respirators availableoffering high durabilitylow maintenance and long-term comfort.

The scratch and impact resistant (to EN166-B) polycarbonate lens provides a wide field of vision and the easily adjustablefour-strap suspension allows easy handling and fit.

The softhypo-allergenic elastomeric face piece can be used with either particulategas or vapour filtersor a combination of filtersaccording to individual application requirements.

For more informationvisit www.3m.com/uk/ohes