Strainer for continuous pipeline operations

Paul Boughton

Plenty Filters is recommending its Duplex Dual Basket Strainers Duplex for use in continuously operating pipelines where a single (Simplex) filter cannot be used as the flow would have to be interrupted to clean the element.

The Duplex Dual Basket Strainer incorporates twin filtration chambers each of which is rated for 100 per cent capacity, together with an integral flow changeover valve that permits element removal and cleaning without interruption of flow through the filter.

Available in sizes: 1-in to 4-in bore, flanged to ANSI 250 FF and 300RF, units can be drilled to BS and DIN standards.

This basket filter can be used for continuous service without interruption to the flow even during cleaning of the basket. Within a single Duplex filter there are two basket chambers each rated to handle 100 per cent of the liquid flow, plus an integral valve mechanism that enables the flow to be diverted through either chamber. The integral valve mechanism is safer than an operating/standby piping layout incorporating separate valves in which the flow can easily be interrupted if the valves are operated in the wrong sequence.

Standard features of the Plenty Duplex Strainer include a single lever action on the changeover valve, which eliminates the possibility of hydraulic shock and accidental interruption of the flow and fixed stops to indicate which chamber is in use. It also incorporates projecting flange from the valve lever which guards the chamber cover being used in order to avoid the wrong cover being inadvertently opened.

The issue of easy maintenance has also been taken into account, with the inclusion of quick release covers which eliminate the need for tools and top mounted covers that remove the need for draining basket chambers associated with element removal.

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