Motion package with auto-tuning

Paul Boughton

Performance Motion Devices is releasing Pro-Motion 3.5 with auto tuning.

Pro-Motion is an easy-to-use Windows-based application designed to accelerate motion system development and analysis by providing ready-to-go capabilities that can be shared by an entire development team including software, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

One of the main features of the package is the axis wizard that allows for quick and easy tuning of the position loop, current loop, and field oriented control parameters. However, the new Pro-Motion 3.5 software provides new servo loop auto tuning capability. Engineers specify the desired control loop response; Pro-Motion then analyses the test motion profile and automatically calculates the PID parameters, providing a more accurate and faster tuning method than traditional trial-and-error methods.

Chuck Lewin, president of PMD, explains: Auto tuning is an important step in the progression toward easier to usemore robust motion control systems. Servo control techniques are not familiar to many engineersand so reducing this complexity will increase acceptance of DC servo and brushless DC motor-based systems. Brushless DC motorsin particularare more cost-effective then everso making it easy to connect and run them is key to wide adoption."

Other advanced features of the software include status and event monitoringa programmable motion shuttleand a complete motion oscilloscope. Pro-Motion 3.5 supports PCI busserialand multiple Can interfaces as well as dual encoder support. In addition to Pro-Motionthe C-Motion software library is also available for developing applications using C/C++.

The latest version of Pro-Motion supports PMD's family of Ion digital drives as well as the Magellan Family of chips and boards. Pro-Motion 3.5 ships free with all of PMD's Ion and Magellan developers' kits.

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