Disc can be equipped with burst detection

Paul Boughton

Elfab's latest addition to its industry-leading Opti-Gard range has been developed specifically for low-pressure applications from 2psig.

Opti-Gard Solo, the result of an innovative design and manufacturing process, is claimed to be the most technically-advanced reverse-acting bursting disc of its type on the market.

Featuring a 95 per cent operating-to-burst pressure ratio and a performance tolerance of just three per cent, Opti-Gard Solo offers high performance characteristics for liquid, gas or vapour applications. Tested to over 100,000 cycles, Solo provides excellent cycle life and leak tightness.

The addition of Solo to Elfab's existing Opti-Gard range now gives customers the opportunity to rationalise stockholdings by 65 per cent typically.

Opti-Gard Solo comes pre-fitted with Integral Flo-Tel, Elfab's completely reliable, non-invasive, magnetic burst-detection system that minimises downtime in the event of a disc rupturing. Unlike traditional membrane-type detectors, Flo-Tel is fail-safe and only operates when a disc has ruptured, thereby eliminating false alarms.

The Opti-Gard Solo disc fits all standard Opti-Gard and Hygienic Opti-Gard holders and is supplied in corrosion-resistant Hastelloy as standard.

For more information, visit www.elfab.com


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