Ultra-fast floating fuel sensor

Paul Boughton

Tyco Thermal Controls' TraceTek range of leak detection systems for buried and surface fuel storage tanks, valves and pipes, has an important addition with the launch of the FFS (Fast Fuel Sensor) - a fast acting probe for detecting floating hydrocarbon fuel spills.

The sensor ignores water yet reacts to the presence of a thin film of fuel oil on the surface of rainwater in bunded areas or collecting in a sump.

The FFS integrates seamlessly with existing TraceTek instrumentation and sensor cable to provide early warning of even a very slow leak.

The minimum fuel thickness required for detection is less than 1mm and it will trigger an alarm within a few seconds of initial contact. This fast response time provides the opportunity to close drain valves before fuel escapes into storm drains or surface channels.

These high integrity sensors can be reused many times as the probes will reset once removed from contact with the spill and any fuel residue evaporates or is cleaned off.

The new fast fuel sensor probes are available in a choice of two sizes for fixed position installations and can also be fitted onto a float assembly where the water level is not predictable. Up to six FFS probes can be connected on a locating system linked to an alarm panel. They are suitable for hazardous area installation to ATEX Zone 0 with appropriate safety barrier.

At the heart of all TraceTek systems is a specially developed cable that can be installed into slotted PVC conduit and will detect and locate fuel leakage into the soil under tanks and buried pipes and valves.

The cable itself is the sensor and every point along its length is capable of detecting the presence of liquid hydrocarbon fuels. In combination with TraceTek instrumentation and industry standard telemetry solutions, it is possible to know when a leak develops and identify the location of the spill to within 1metre accuracy. This solution can be applied to any size of installation ranging from a single tank or valve, through to entire tank farms and many kilometres of buried pipework.

TraceTek offers a wide range of instrumentation extending from simple battery powered, high intensity flashing LED leak indicators, to stand alone alarm panels with digital display, integrated solutions into existing SCADA systems right through to web-enabled solutions for remote monitoring of status and alarms. All TraceTek fuel monitoring systems are rated for installation in Zone 1 or Zone 0 areas with Zener safety barriers.

For more information, visit www.tracetek.com


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