Integrating cfd and process modelling to improve and sustain water quality

Paul Boughton

Protecting and improving the quality of our environment today requires design solutions that establish compliance with ever-expanding and more stringent regulations.

CFD simulation is taking an increasing role in the design and optimisation of water and wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater process modelling can be used to enhance the chemical or microbiological efficiency of the system. The Fluid Group has recently combined CFD with Process Simulation (Fluent-GPS-X) to model a major industrial treatment plant.

“CFD is a powerful tool in the water industry. Process Modelling is an equally important weapon in the modeller’s armoury. At water and wastewater treatment plants across the worldpeople generally consider whether their problem is flow-related or microbiological. In realityas everyone knowsboth are inextricably linked” said Dr Jim WicksCEO of The Fluid Group.

When it comes to plant designoperational efficiency and optimal constructionThe Fluid Group will use both CFD and Process Modelling to provide the most appropriatecost-effective solution. This takes a depth of experience in state-of-the-art CFD and Process Simulation.

The Fluid Group is based in OxfordUK.


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