High-performance sensors detect nitrogen dioxide over wide concentration range

Paul Boughton

Synkera Technologies is launching a new range of sensors based on technology from specialist sensor materials developer Atmospheric Sensors.

Synkera and Atmospheric Sensors signed an agreement in January 2006 to work together in making innovations to metal oxide sensors that are currently not available in the marketplace. This new line of sensors is the first development to result from this working arrangement.

The first product in this sensor family is a high-performance sensor for measuring NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) that offers high sensitivity over a wide range of concentrations of the gas in air combined with a high stability and low response to humidity.

During the 1990s, it was recognised that a step-function improvement in performance of metal oxide sensors could be achieved by deploying alternative, purpose-designed materials. As yet the potential of alternative materials has only been exploited to a limited degree and hence only a limited range of markets have been addressed. 



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