Rugged PC terminals are designed to survive rigours of tough factory floor environments

Paul Boughton

The new Katana series of fully integrated, rugged PC terminals from Captec are purpose-designed to withstand the rigours of factory floor environments.

Captec, a leading specialist European industrial PC (IPC) manufacturer, has designed the Katana series to provide cost-effective installation and control of IT and automation applications in places where conventional PCs are unsuitable, unable to cope, or have a limited lifespan. The new series incorporates all three functional parts of a PC/CPU, monitor and keyboard/mouse – in a rugged and IP65-sealed aluminium case.

It features a powerful 1GHz processor that is capable of running all Windows and Linux operating systems, an integral high-brightness 15-in LCD display, a stylish membrane keyboard and an integral mouse pad. The display, the Katana range’s most striking feature, incorporates the latest in smart LCD panel technology, with four backlight lamps and an optimised inverter delivering exceptionally high brightness, extremely wide viewing angle and a display resolution of 1024x768.


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