Low profile solution consolidates multiple test instrument connections within a 1U height

Paul Boughton

The S6 provides an suitable platform for consolidating multiple test instrument connections while only occupying 1U of rack space.
With six modular connector positions, the S6 accepts multiple combinations of mixed signal types, including signal, coax/RF, pneumatic, thermocouple, analogue, power, vacuum, and fibre optic.
The S6 is designed to provide robust, reliable and repeatable testing capabilities. Easy glide docking makes the S6 test fixture ready with up to 1440 signal contact point availability.
With innovative, positive-lock latching mechanisms provide reliable engagement and the integrated guide pins ensure consistent engagement with every connection, the S6 delivers superior performance in a low profile package.
The S6 offers, says Virginia Panel Corporation, the flexibility to meet virtually any test and measurement interconnect requirement, whether in military, aerospace, medical, automotive, telecommunications or any other electronics manufacturing application.
To compliment the S6, VPC offers cable assemblies for virtually any test instrument type which significantly maintains modularity in the system and reduces system build times and costs.

Virginia Panel Corporation is based in Waynesbro, VA, USA. www.vpc.com/s6