Soldering station for engineering, repair and lab services

Paul Boughton

The new WMRS soldering station from Weller, one of the brands of the American company Cooper Hand Tools, offers precision and speed. This is made possible by the digital control electronics and the small, lightweight soldering pencil which can reach 350°C in just seconds.

The WMRS soldering station is a new development, introduced by Weller. The WMRS is the premium class of soldering tools for industrial production engineering, repair and lab services. The WMRS is the solution for demanding and very fine soldering tasks on densely-packed circuit boards, micro-soldering applications and microscope workstations.

This is because the WMRS is extraordinarily quick and precise. This is made possible through special control electronics which monitor and control the temperature at high speeds.

However, the heart of the WMRS is the small and lightweight micro-soldering pencil WMRP. It has an extremely short heat-up time (approximately two seconds from standby to setpoint temperature of 350°C). It is important to note that the heating element and the sensor are built into the tip which provides nearly perfect thermal transmission to the soldering tip.

Fine work on the smallest of soldering surfaces is also made possible due to the short distance from the tip to the grip. Changing the soldering tip is quick and easy: just pull out the old tip, insert the new one and continue soldering. Thanks to its short heat-up time, the soldering pencil is ready to use again immediately! In addition, you can choose the tip that best suits each of your tasks.

The soldering pencil offers flexible use and its special design relieves the wrist of a substantial amount of strain due to the fact that the typical turning and tilting motions can be avoided. The holder also has a very helpful function: when the pencil is inserted, the safety rest reduces the temperature of the tip after just a few seconds. This material and energy-saving mode can be switched on and off independently.

Cooper Tools GmbH is based in Besigheim, Germany.