Industrial packaging with environmental credentials

Paul Boughton

Intermediate bulk container (IBC) and drum manufacturer Francis Ward supply UN-approved IBCs and plastic drums for transport of hazardous goods. But the key feature is that all of Francis Ward’s containers are designed to be reused over a life time of five years.
The company uses the rotational moulding process for all plastic parts. This produces multi-trip containers that are seamless, smooth and virtually stress free, giving excellent chemical resistance for a wide range of inorganic chemicals. The thick walled containers give many years of resistance to day-to-day wear and tear.
The benefit to customers is primarily financial, by reducing the Packaging Waste Obligation as the container is only obligated on first trip. Also, with such a long service life, Francis Ward containers offset continual costs of replacing packaging regularly. Nevertheless use of reusable containers enhances a company's environmental credentials.

Francis Ward is based Bradford, UK.