UV curable adhesive/sealent has high flexibility

Paul Boughton

This formulation is highly flexible and exhibits outstanding abrasion resistance. It is designed to withstand thermal cycling and mechanical shock.
UV15X-5 bonds well to both similar and dissimilar substrates. Bonds are durable and resist exposure to many chemicals. UV15X-5 is 100percent reactive and does not contain any solvents or volatiles.
Master Bond UV15X-5 cures at room temperatures in very short time periods upon exposure to UV light. The more powerful the light source the quicker the cure.
Additionaly UV15X-5 will cure in thicknesses greater than 1/8-in thick. UV15X-5 is not air inhibited. No special inert atmosphere is required for curing.
UV15X-5 has high physical strength properties. It has a tensile strength of 1800psi. Its Shore D hardness is 35-40 and its elongation is 170percent.
The component is also transparent and has a refractive
index of 1.498. Master Bond says that it also offers superior electrical insulation properties. Its volume resistivity is 012ohmcm.
UV15X-5 is available for use in 1/2pint, pint, quart, gallon and five gallon containers. It is also available for use in syringe applicators.

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