Highest module performance based on newest packaging technologies

Paul Boughton

Danfoss Silicon Power has introduced the next generation of power modules with screw connected power terminals for a power range from 10 to 90kW.

This generation will close the gab between the current medium power modules of the E2 and E3 product families to the high power module solutions in the E+ package for line – voltages up to 690V. The design is compatible to the existing E2E3 and E+ high runner modules with 21mm terminal heightconsequently existing heat sinks and busbars can be used as well as combinations of different module series are possible.

The new product generation consists a wide range of configurations in different power classes such as single switch – from 100A to 900A and half bridge modules from 2x50A to 2x450A. Customised designs for instance with integrated over temperature and/or over voltage protections can also be offered. This gives several opportunities to the customer in arranging best possible heat management performance. Each single switch or half bridge can be placed in a separate position apart from each other on a common heat sink (avoiding crossover heating). The excellent heat spreading is performed by a 3mm Copper base plate soldered to the substrate in a lead free solder process.

The rugged design is achieved by aluminum wire bonding technology of all internal interconnectionsensuring highest possible temperature- and power cycling capabilities.Danfoss Silicon Power is targeting the industrial driveswelding and power supply applications with high reliability requirements in module life time and performance to competitive prices.

Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH is based in SchleswigGermany. siliconpower.danfoss.com


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