Software allows designers to persue designs without constraint

Paul Boughton

Setting up design constraints at this stage may make life difficult later in the design process, as some constraints may drive you into a design impasse or make changes difficult or impossible to apply.

KeyCreator by Kubotek leaves the designer completely free to pursue his design direction without constraint. Kubotek bases its software on Pure Geometry. This technology, coupled with a lengthy list of geometry translators, allows the user to work freely on any geometry (native or imported) with a very broad array of editing and creation tools and to communicate with any other CAD/CAM user.

Features are locally recognised only when necessary, making changes easier. For example, imported 3D sheet metal designs can be automatically unfolded after import, with bend allowances incorporated into the result. No editing or feature building is necessary - the software analyses and recognises bent features from the geometry alone.

The system also provides the user with tools to modify parts in freeform mode, also without needing to recognise features. If a hole pattern contains an array of counterbored holes that need to be changed to countersunk style, select the hole geometry and KeyCreator immediately analyses and recognises the holes as counterbored.

The user selects the new hole style the model geometry updates. Future versions will provide tools to create patterns of selected features, edit blend families, and to prune and graft design features.

Wireframe, solids, surfaces and drafting tools stay available to the operator within a single integrated file environment, not requiring a shift to a different filetype in order to work on a different type of geometry or to produce documentation. Internal and external file referencing, coupled with KeyCreator’s flexible hierarchical layer system provides the user a unique part and geometry management system.

KeyCreator automatic and associative drawing layout system provides al necessary tools for creating drafting documentation, BoM, support for training manual and assembly manual illustrations, and visuals for sales and marketing use.

Optional internal CAM functionality rounds out the KeyCreator toolset, allowing the designer to check a designed part for manufacturability, and to easily and quickly create prototypes.

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