Shock absorbers cushion large loads

Paul Boughton

One of the most important automation solutions of GROB, besides the core competence of machining centres, are the gantry robots. During the de-palletising and placing process this robotic equipment has to transport masses up to 13 000 kg.

When working with large masses you have to be prepared for possible overrun conditions. The charges incurred from impact damage, resulting downtimes and possible injury would be quite costly. Enidine, a manufacturer of energy absorption and vibration isolation products offers an effective solution. Enidine shock absorbers enable a controlled, soft deceleration of the masses even with multiple hits and out perform the competitor's alternative rubber bumpers and mechanical springs.

In his gantry robots GROB has got three Enidine shock absorbers in use: Two shock absorbers in the x-axis to secure maximum moving masses of 500 kg with a speed of up to 5 m/s and the third shock absorber is installed in the z-axis. This axis is particularly safety-relevant as it has to hold the weight permanently.

Enidine has developed shock absorbers that are specially designed for these large masses and velocities. The new Enidine Xtreme Series can absorb a multiple of energy ratings safely and securely. With a robust one-piece cylinder construction and solid back-end, the Xtreme series provides a much higher energy capacity. At the same time ease of installation and usability has been optimised and new features such as wrench flats on both sides and a versatile low profile configuration have been added.

For GROB high energy rating with continuous security is essential. The development of the new shock absorber series Xtreme describes thereby the classical process, how demands in the markets develop: from customised production to standard models.

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ENIDINE GmbH is based in Bad Bellingen, Rheinweiler, Germany.


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