Valve has changeable internal cage

Paul Boughton

They are based on changeable internal cage that divide the pressure drop in several stages. The attenuating plates, which are mounted into a replaceable cartridge, are offset by a carefully designed angle to obtain a number of significant control advantages compared to conventional solutions.
The cavitation risk shall be heavily reduced and with the same solution the noise can be brought to acceptable level and high frequency vibration is almost eliminated. By forcing the pressure to drop between several steps by means of several expansion chambers inside the valve the flow velocity can be controlled. In gas applications limiting the velocity avoids the flow to reach sonic speed which causes noise and flow disturbance.
Cage Ball and Hyper Cage-Ball features include:
* Lower noise under extreme conditions.
* Cavitation elimination/reduction.
* Velocity reduction.
* Noise reduction up to 35dBA.
* The turndown is increased to 1:over 200.
* Flow characterisation.
* Self flushing.
* Bi-directional tightness and flow control.
* Erosion reduction to 1/5th or better from conventional solutions.
* Total valve economy.

Econosto Nederland BV is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


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