Sensor benefits from compact electronics

Paul Boughton

BEI Technologies is releasing the next generation of its patented NCAPS non-contact angular position sensor. This latest version features a new application-specific integrated circuit developed exclusively for NCAPS.

By consolidating over 100 discrete electronic components, the new ASIC has enabled a significant reduction to be made in the overall package size and cost.
The NCAPS ASIC will enable BEI to combine low production costs with high accuracy to meet the growing demand in several sensor markets, including automotive steering sensors and advanced stability systems. NCAPS is a true non-contact absolute position technology patented in 2002 by BEI Technologies to provide a igh-resolution yet cost-effective rotary position sensor. Initially developed for steering angle applications, NCAPS is also suitable for a wide range of applications in a number of other markets including heavy equipment, marine, instrumentation, industrial automation and robotics.
The ASIC-based device is rated to meet the rigorous environmental demands of both the automotive and off-highway markets. NCAPS has already achieved success by being specified in electro-hydraulic steering control systems for a major European customer.

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