Making lead-free soldering easier

Paul Boughton

Working with lead free solder requires due to the higher fusing temperature guide tools with better heat conductivity, higher achievement and improved melting characteristics.

The integrated heating elements have to be characterised particularly by effective heat transfer to the soldering point.
The heat should be transported thereby without losses into the soldering point and to the construction unit. This makes continuous point temperatures possible at the soldered connection during the entire soldering procedure. The thermal stress at the construction unit and printed circuit board is thereby reduced and preserves at the same time the soldering point, whereby a clear cost reduction is reached.
Weller, a brand of Cooper Hand Tools Division, offers the tools, which make lead free soldering easier, including the 80 W Silver line technology.
Beside extensive accessories you will find a rich tip program with optimised coating. These special tips have thereby substantially extended service lives and are thus particularly suitable completely for lead free soldering.

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