LED backlighting for lower power LCD panels

Paul Boughton

Two new 4.7-inch VGA displays from Trident combine white LED backlighting for low power operation and a wide operating temperature range, with enhanced black and white film STN construction delivering high optical performance.

The Hitachi SP12Q01L6ALZZ and ST12Q01L6ALZZ are featured for applications such as white goods appliances, industrial process control, test and measurement and epos terminals.

By replacing traditional cold cathode fluorescent tubes, the low power white LED backlights enable greater reliability and a wider operating temperature range, as well as reducing EMI and component count since no high voltage inverter is required.

The enhanced black and white film STN display is manufactured using straight TCP tape carrier package to deliver a cost-effective solution with naturally high brightness and contrast.

The new modules are electrically and mechanically compatible with the existing Hitachi LMG7520 and LMG7525 monochrome display modules, also available from Trident. The same mounting holes and mechanical outline dimensions have been maintained to provide customers with an easy upgrade path. The operating temperature range is -20°C to 70°C.