Protoyping in tough, rubber-like material

Paul Boughton

Duraform Flex plastic is a new ubber-like, tear-resistant, flexible plastic for the SLS (selective laser sintering) system product line from 3D Systems Corporation.

Duraform Flex plastic has superior tear resistance and enables customers to produce functional prototypes and end-use parts for which rubber-like flexible characteristics are required. Parts made from Duraform Flex plastic can be substituted for urethane, silicone or rubber parts.
Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and chief executive officer, said: As a result of working with customers to determine the attributes and characteristics required in a flexible materialDuraform Flex plastic is designed to handle harsh environmental conditions such as heat and chemicalsmaking it ideal for applications such as gasketshosessealswatertight partsequipment and athletic shoes."
To enhance functionalityit is offered it in coloursincluding redyellowbluewhite and black. The integration between Duraform Flex plastic and the company's SLS systems enables customers to produce usable parts quickly without the expense of traditional manufacturing methods.