Dry, twin rotating screw vacuum pumps

Paul Boughton

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems' Kinney SDV range of dry, twin rotating screw vacuum pumps, are specially designed for chemical applications and in line with the ATEX Machinery Directive. The SDV dry vacuum pump is a single stage, dry running, non-contact, variable pitch screw type vacuum pump.

The advantages of the pump are: gradual compression; lower discharge temperatures; reduces associated power (30percent); dry running -- no pump fluid contamination; various protective coatings; available to protect from chemical attack.
This results in the following benefits: quick gas discharge; minimal agitation of he process gas; and less potential to accumulate particulate compared to hook and claw or multiple Roots type dry pumping technology.
A major application for these dry pumps and systems has been on batch filter ryers.

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