Reacator enables rapid ramp rates and central heating

Paul Boughton

Ferak Berlin GmbH produces organic intermediates in mostly multi-stage syntheses for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company has bought a 400 litre enamelled steel reactor, combined with a Huber Unistat291. This will enable low temperature chemistry to -80°C as well as the current reactions up to 150°C. Especially in case of rapid temperature changes, for example from an exothermic reaction at -50°C to reflux heating, the Unistat 291 shows its true strengths.

With a well insulated reactor, the cool-down and heat-up periods can be reduced by nearly 75per cent. As well as removing the need for cooling water, the air-cooled variant of the 291 has the additional, valuable benefit of providing warm air to heat a warehouse during the cold months of the year. The Unistat291 delivers
15kW at -60°C and is also available as a water-cooled version. The Unistat 292 delivers 24 kW at -60°C.
The Huber Unistats cover a temperature of -120°C to 400°C. They range in cooling powers from 0.7 to 130kW and heating powers from 1.5kW to 80kW. A low internal volume means that this energy is transmitted to the process (watts/litre DIN12876).
The range is designed to give the operator tight control over the temperature of a process regardless of the varying thermal loads generated by chemical reactions.

Huber Kältemaschinenbau GmbH is based in Offenburg, Germany. " target="_blank">


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