1 Micron optics for high power fibre lasers

Paul Boughton

Mate Laser Technologies introduces 1 Micron Optics for high power fibre lasers. These products include lenses, protective windows and nozzles for leading OEM brand laser systems.

Mate’s 1 Micron Optics feature extremely low absorption, fused silica substrates. The low-absorption anti-reflective coatings on the lenses and windows have a high laser-damage threshold for extra long-life. The low absorption feature ensures the highest cutting quality without the thermal lensing and focus shift that can reduce cutting speed and quality.

Mate’s line of fibre optics is applicable for all 1 micron applications in the 1030 – 1080 Nm range with ultra-low absorption (<50 ppm at 1.03 – 1.08 microns), a pinpoint focal length tolerance of ±0.5% and laser damage threshold higher than 10J.

Approved for use in leading brand fibre laser systems, the coating and low absorption fused silica UV grade lenses and mirrors make these the best performing optics. Mate’s high reflection laser mirror coating maximises reflection, improving performance that prolong product life and cutting quality.

Mate’s also offers UV-grade fused silica windows, used as debris shields to protect the 1 micron lenses, along with a complete line of copper/chrome nozzles.