Ultrasonic sensor for harsh environments

Impervious to water vapour, moisture and dust, Steel Head sensors can withstand high pressure and steam jet cleaning

Smart and exchangeable pressure sensor

Suited to system integrators and OEM applications, the new ultraP has been designed to allow users to maintain the best possible accuracy

Ultrasonic sensors have a range up to 6,000mm

Sensors are often used in harsh, industrial environments because they are independent of the material and the colour of the object to be measured and are not affected by light, dust and fog

Inductive sensors to suit OEM requirements

Sensor geometry, mounting and electronics can be custom-engineered to suit specific OEM, R&D or machine build applications

Explosion-proof encoder saves space and cuts costs

Many oil and gas applications are subjected to extreme conditions where ignitable concentrations of flammable substances are likely to exist under normal working conditions and where space is limited

Free data logging and monitoring software

Free of charge with the purchase of any of its Mantracourt T24 wireless sensor range

High-speed contact image sensors announced

Monochrome versions operate at scan speeds of 1.8 m/s at 600 dpi, twice the speed of the colour models

High speed contact image sensors

Monochrome versions operate at scan speeds of 1.8m/s at 600dpi, twice the speed of the colour models

Sensor for human presence detection

OleaVision technology provides the ability to ‘see’ a living being, even through walls and regardless of whether the monitored subject is moving or motionless

Smart temperature sensor

Lowers cost and increases uptime for industrial control and automation

Piezo thin film sensors

Offer transducer capabilities, producing voltage in proportion to compressive or tensile mechanical stress and strain

Transmitter for very low air velocity

High measurement accuracy down to 0.15m/s, says E+E Elektronik

New CMOS linear image sensor

The series offers much smoother response in the UV region than conventional CMOS detectors

Custom OEM inclination, acceleration and vibration sensors

For a variety of industry sectors such as rail, military, aerospace and defence, automotive, agricultural machinery, access platforms and off-highway vehicles

Gauging level transmitters for continuous submersion in liquids

Suitable for applications in small tanks or containers, where conventional mechanical level switches and sensors are not suitable

Steel pressure sensors

DCT 532 series provides a digital i2C interface, making it suitable for a wide range of pressure measurement applications

App aims to enhance portable thermometer operation

App features a management system that ensures temperature measurements are recorded at pre-configured locations


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