Laser sensor offers 50kHz measuring speed

Suitable for high-speed dynamic applications such as vibration measurement and uneven, rapidly changing surfaces

Camera sensor enhances automotive and surveillance safety

Melexis Launches MLX75411 Avocet 154dB High Dynamic Range Image Sensor

Digital miniature ultra-low pressure sensors

Offer I²C and analogue output at the same time, says Sensortechnics

Sensors have vibration resistant construction

Typical users include industrial, hygienic, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and research laboratories

Capacitive gap sensor

Gap width can be determined very precisely while moving the sensor into the gap

Pressure sensors utilise internal digital signal conditioning

Measures gauge pressures of corrosive and aggressive gases and liquids in ranges from 500mbar to 100bar

Miniature string pot sensor suits low-cost linear position measurement in tight spaces

Compact and durable cable extension design allows high accuracy position measurement over long travel range

Smart weather sensors for monitoring precipitation

Differentiates and classifies precipitation particles as drizzle, rain, sleet, hail, snow or mixed precipitation

Magneto-inductive displacement sensors

Offer high accuracy, robust, lower cost measurement solution for OEMs

Laser sensor measures surface profile of key blanks

Displacement sensors measure the surface profile prior to the production process

Vision sensor for quality inspection tasks

The VC Smart Inspect vision sensor is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications


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