New miniature sensors

These are for shear force monitoring of machining processes

What sensor spec?

Factors to consider when selecting draw wire position sensors

It starts with a sensor

Some thoughts on how sensors can optimise the IoT


Sensor enhancements

Conductivity and ph devices get a health check

New widescreen HMI

The unit features twin ethernet ports and a sound output interface, with built-in speaker and amplifier

Capacitive MEMS low pressure sensor

PPCP3 series: capacitive MEMS low pressure sensor with very high overpressure resistance

Reed switch merger

After a 20 year partnership two companies join together

Container and Trailer Tracking and Monitoring

Monitoring devices attached to your containers or trailers gather data from an array of sensors that track the condition of the container and contents over the duration of its trip.

12V DC-DC converter for embedded applications eliminates heatsinks

Suitable in a wide range of applications, including computing, networking, telecommunications, industrial, aerospace and rail

Miniature pressure sensor dies for automotive and IoT applications

Suitable for a temperature range from -40 °C to +135 °C and can even withstand 140 °C for short periods

Fully integrated switch and sensor monitors system power

Designers of automotive body control modules can decrease system cost and vehicle weight by using the new device

Monitoring and traffic analysis in manufacturing or logistics sites

Indoorway Industry 4.0 enables data-driven management in factories and warehouses

Sophisticated new laser sensor

Measures displacement, distance and position in numerous industries such as automation technology, electronics production, automotive and machine building

Battery-powered carbon dioxide sensor

SprintIR6S can measure CO2 concentrations right up to 100%, providing a cost-effective solution for high concentration monitoring

Multi-function environmental sensor targets the Internet of Things

Designed for monitoring temperature, humidity, light, UVI, barometric pressure, noise and acceleration



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