The heat is on ...

New heat treatment facility is nearing completion, with its nitriding furnace newly-commissioned and undergoing production trials and its sealed quench gaseous nitrocarburising unit currently being installed

High voltage boost for trains

Suitable for use as an auxiliary supply, the REOLAB 420 is used for the development and testing of frequency converters for railway engineering

How to ensure high definition IP video of critical infrastructure is always available

In security and surveillance applications, ensuring maximum availability of high definition IP video, as well as cost effective deployment and running costs, are critical factors, says Santos Muro

Encapsulated strain gauges offer high precision in challenging conditions

Suitable for structural measurements on, for example, railway tracks, boats and chimneys

3D measurement for railway bearing quality control

Using an LMI Gocator 3D smart camera, the system measures the height of various bearings used in bogies in the rail industry

PC serves as a train communicator or controller

The Box PC is equipped solely with circular and screwable connectors, a choice that guarantees easy integration – connections that are both robust and stable

Heavy duty hinges for railway applications

Range includes butt hinges with plain leaves for weld-on fitment, as well as a lift-off style version with brass washer and three countersunk holes in each leaf for screw-on attachment

Polymers have high resistance to wear and abrasion

Nylacast materials and components offer many beneficial qualities to the rail sector, including a high resistance to wear and abrasion, with a low co-efficient of friction

Adhesives meet safety standard

SCIGRIP adhesives accredited with new European Fire Smoke Toxicity Standard

High-efficiency motors power cave train

Train controlled by ABB variable-speed drives is helping visitors to Oman experience the wonders of a two-million year-old natural cave system, deep in the desert

Transformer-less power solution for railway

GE Power Conversion Helps to electrify railway connection between Poland and Germany

Software simulates train crashes

Enables users to evaluate options for various energy absorption methods used in bolt on devices such as couplers, anti-climbers and crush elements

SiC power semiconductor modules

Reduce size and raise efficiency of home appliances, industrial equipment, railcar traction systems

Train and track protection in high hazard rockfall areas

Rockfall attenuator system and GBE barrier mitigate rockfall at a location with limited maintenance access

Rugged mobile computer for rail asset management

System to monitor wear and tear on trains and anticipate necessary repairs

Hinging and locking products for the railed vehicle industry

Have durability and ability to withstand substantial vibration in adverse environments plus vandal-resistance

A modular plug connector for traction technology combines up to 15 single-pole power contacts

Developed for the transmission of power in the electric propulsion system of rail vehicles

Early specialisation deterent to railway careers

More than 80 per cent say current training and development practices can also limit career paths, survey finds

FIAM filter modules for DC-DC railway applications

Half-brick modules filter transients and surges, deliver up to 500W; two models accept unconditioned DC power from 72V or 110V lines



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