Batching crude and condensates

New pipelines and terminals dominate oil and gas handling developments. Multi-million dollar investments are making the handling of both oil and gas much more efficient. Eugene McCarthy reports

Pipeline welds: seen, measured, quantified and approved

Hugh Davies discusses how the latest internal weld inspection tools are helping oil and gas companies to verify the quality of risers, fatigue-critical and CRA-clad pipes, as well as curved pipes and manifolds

Submersible motor pumps for offshore applications

Submersible motor pumps provide an effective means of lifting seawater for duties including cooling, fire-fighting, temporary ballast and emergency drain pumps

Heat exchangers to provide efficient gas cooling solution

The units are being used to cool recovered high temperature, high pressure flare gas to knock out liquids and improve gas compressor efficiency across three refineries

Steady growth predicted for European centrifugal compressors market

Demand from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia likely to drive growth, says Frost & Sullivan

Steady growth predicted for European centrifugal compressors market

Demand from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia likely to drive growth, says Frost & Sullivan

Motors drive plunger pumps

WEG to supply six custom-made squirrel-cage motors for driving plunger pumps on offshore oil production ships in Brazil

Remotely analysing oil and gas offshore

New technology from Cambridge Consultants can detect contamination in real time

19-inch fanless panel computer

EXPC-1319 designed especially for use in oil and gas installations and other hazardous industrial locations

New progressing cavity pumps target oil and gas applications

API 676 EZstrip pumps provide a practical, reliable and proven solution which helps prevent emulsification, while also resisting the effects of abrasion without gas locking

Drive technology could replace nodding donkey pumps

Linear rod pump artificial lift system combines ac motor servo control, simple mechanics, and control software that is responsive to the individual characteristics of each well. Lucie Hodkova reports

Customised actuator solution secures Gazprom contract

AUMA adapted its modular actuator design to meet the flow control needs of Gazprom gas compressor stations in Siberia, Russia

Taking pipeline inspections to a new level

Palle Herskind reports on a software solution for acquisition and processing of data during pipeline inspections

Testing steel at high temperatures

Jörg Maffert and Dr Ingo Detemple look at the criteria for tensile tests at elevated temperatures on CrMo(V) steel plates

Non-incendive and non-sparking encoders for Division 2 and Zone 2

Mat Bagenski and Michelle Todd outline the benefits of encoders

Gasket improves heat exchanger performance

The Change gasket is said to deliver a more dynamic seal, with superior compression and recovery than any other gasket on the market

Ensuring right temperatures at oil field

Kashagan, 80km south-east of Atyrau, in the North Caspian Sea, is the largest oil field discovered during the past 30 years worldwide and extends over a surface area of approximately 75km by 45km

First floating liquefied natural gas project

From the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) project, to improved Brazilian output and successful Indonesian pilots, there is major investment in new production technology around the world. Eugene McCarthy reports



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