Valve control product portfolio expands

Compact design introduced for AUMA's new range of coaxial gearboxes

India embraces high-performance tubes

Bettina Schadow reports on innovative tubing solutions for India’s oil and gas sector

High pressure coriolis flow meter

TCMH-0450 suited to the oil and gas iIndustry for high pressure chemical injection applications

Smart maintenance

Phil Burness, explains how an innovative support programme delivers intelligent maintenance at a Mediterranean oil terminal

Multi-screw pumps added to portfolio

Suitable for lubricating and non-lubricating substances to be transferred at high pressures up to 80 bar and temperatures up to 300°C

Fibre optic sensing solutions

Stéphane Rohrbach discusses how to facilitate monitoring and maintenance in extreme environments

A new lease of life in stormy times

Andrew Courtney explains why oil and gas companies should be looking to introduce new approaches to repair and refurbish their equipment

Tackling aeration in pipelines

Aeration in a pipeline has the potential to wreak havoc on many flow devices by wearing them down and negatively impacting accuracy

Future-proofing our gas networks

Dr Stephanie Bell tackles the problem of humidity

Improving pipeline efficiency

New pipe bevel measurement tool that can help deliver improved weld quality and superior pipeline integrity

Floating an idea

Simon Rooks explains the level of cooperation and the technical design that have gone into building a huge new conceptual FPSO

"Excellence is not an act, but a habit"

How integrated technology optimises the operation

Valve actuators selected for failsafe duty in China

The Skilmatic actuator combines reliable failsafe performance with the benefits of Rotork IQ intelligent electric actuation technologies

Fresh gasification advances delivered

Porvair Filtration Group provides advanced char filtration systems

Intelligent pigs: broadening the remit

Martin Bluck discusses today’s intelligent pigs and how technology can be leveraged to provide improved confidence to pipeline operators striving for zero pipeline failures

New screw pumps launched

Suitable for non-lubricating substances at high pressures up to 80 bar and temperatures up to 300°C

Compact version of cryogenic valve for marine

Developed to cater for the use of smaller diameter floats that are now being specified by shipyards for secondary level monitoring systems on LNG carriers


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