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Ease of use and reduced costs drive flow meter developments

Suppliers of flow meters are launching innovative new products designed to help process users solve problems, increase profits and reduce costs. Sean Ottewell reports

Maintenance and costs focus for seal technology

Modern seals have to give long-term, assured sealing at high temperatures and pressures, and be able to work with a wide range of fluids. Eugene McCarthy reports

Ensuring the right temperatures at oil field

BARTEC receives the order for the engineering, procurement and construction management of heat tracing on EPC-2 island of Kashagan project

UV treatments: flexible, safe and low-maintenance

Modern UV technologies bring chemical-free, low-maintenance treatment options for all of the process industries. Sean Ottewell investigates

AchemAsia 2013: process industry to meet in China

More than 400 exhibitors from 25 different countries; 12,000 visitors; about 100 lectures

Mixing is critical to process success

Mixing is a fundamental process operation, but how it is done has a critical effect on production - as the examples here highlight. Sean Ottewell reports

High pressure hydraulic coupling reengineered

Whether at construction sites, in agriculture or wherever else hydraulicapplications are involved, assemblies are continually expected to delivermore.

Hot air treatment helps remove soil contaminants

Soil treatment system uses hot air instead of an open flame. Pascale Tholl reports

Make the most of continuous online viscosity monitoring

Measuring viscosity is difficult and disruptive, but a new, online continuous monitoring solution is winning support from many different processing industries

Electro-deionisation modules help remove contaminants

Dr Michael Strahand looks at the requirement for chlorine control in continuous electro-deionisation modules and provides a review of methods of chemical control in ultrapure water loops

Microchannel technology intensifies distillation process

Microchannel process technology shows great promise for increasing efficiency and reducing energy use in industrial processes ranging from biofuels production to the production of chemicals. Now it is being applied to intensify distillation processes. Laura Silva explains how

AchemAsia 2010: more than 400 exhibitors

Besides the exhibition which offers exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to discuss the latest challenges and solutions in the process industries

Decanter centrifuges

High capacity Decanter Centrifuges, have helped Thomas Broadbent, provide cost-saving solutions for a large number of processing facilities

New smaller valves focus on high performance

As size and portability become more important for processes, demand is also growing for their valves to be smaller, lighter and better performing than ever before. Sean Ottewell reports

Fouling and corrosion tackled by new heat exchangers

Sean Ottewell reports on the latest high-pressure spiral heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers and brazed plate heat exchangers that are designed to reduce fouling and cut corrosion


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