Food grade: a closer inspection

Analysing the benefits of using food grade thermal fluids in heat transfer systems

Flowmeters for measuring petrochemical additives

Careful monitoring of their addition to any process is essential, and often this is best done using petrochemical flowmeters

Hose pumps improve quality and reduce maintenance costs

Flow consistency of APEX pumps aids process quality; APEX pumps run longer without maintenance

Air-cooled chillers

Sintesis chillers use R-513A, a next-generation, low GWP refrigerant which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Valves cut out cross-contamination risk

Using two independent plugs and seals means a single mixproof valve can often replace two or more valves of other types

Two-in-one coalescing filter

Combines the reliability and performance of wrapped filters with a 40% reduction in pressure drops compared with pleated filters

Coating machine offers more flexibility and higher capacity

Homogeneous and energy saving coating of mass-produced small plastic and rubber components

Air piloted solution for valves

Allows the range of directional control valves to be specified in applications where air pilot is required

Built-on dampener for diaphragm pumps

Combines the advantages of our standard pumps with the active pulsation dampener in a compact manner

New agitator bead mill

ALPHA has a self-supporting grinding chamber, which ensures good accessibility to the grinding area during operation and maintenance

Seal-less, valve-less hose pumps

More reliable than air-operated diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity pumps in chemical or abrasive applications

Increasing drive reliability for the food processing industry

NORD Severe Duty drives used for a major upgrade and line expansion of a celery cutting and packaging machine

Filtration reduces detergent consumption during parts cleaning

Solutions that increase efficiency and sustainability in industrial applications

Boosting on-site nitrogen generation

Atlas Copco’s NGP+ can be plugged into an existing compressed air network to produce nitrogen of up to 99.999% purity

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Enable reliable production, easy cleaning and energy efficient operation


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