Fluid bed agglomerator

Employs a spraying system that introduces moisture to powdered material as it is fluidised and dried, forming agglomerates on a controlled basis

Free trial to predict machine health

New company, Senseye, is accepting applications to join its web-based software trials to improve how machine health is monitored

Triple offset valve

Designed to address the need for zero leakage isolation in non-critical applications

High-pressure pumps - what price reliability?

Mike Sherman looks at the balance between cost and reliability and explains why spending more often leads to savings in the long run

How to avoid ‘water hammer’ in steam systems

Ian Webster looks at this condition occurs in steam systems and why it should be avoided

Docking station for portable gas detectors

DSX Standalone is an out-of-the-box solution that requires no network configuration or support. It provides easy bump testing and calibration of instruments

Mass flow controller

Controllers are highly-resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure fluctuations

Energy savings for pharmaceutical production

Production processes that run 24/7 need reliable and energy efficient drive systems to maintain a cost effective process. Philip Crowe reports

4in dewatering pump set

BBA Pumps’ BA100K is a diesel driven 4-in solids handling pump

Food grade: a closer inspection

Analysing the benefits of using food grade thermal fluids in heat transfer systems

Flowmeters for measuring petrochemical additives

Careful monitoring of their addition to any process is essential, and often this is best done using petrochemical flowmeters

Hose pumps improve quality and reduce maintenance costs

Flow consistency of APEX pumps aids process quality; APEX pumps run longer without maintenance

Air-cooled chillers

Sintesis chillers use R-513A, a next-generation, low GWP refrigerant which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Introducing Grundfos for Engineers

Imagine all the knowledge, information and tools you need to specify a highly technical pump system in one place. That’s exactly what the new Grundfos for Engineers website gives you – while also helping you to save time on complex tasks

Two-in-one coalescing filter

Combines the reliability and performance of wrapped filters with a 40% reduction in pressure drops compared with pleated filters

Air piloted solution for valves

Allows the range of directional control valves to be specified in applications where air pilot is required

Multipurpose ball valves

For use in demanding applications such as high pressure, high temperature and low differential pressure



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