Improved ultrasonic cleaning

Versa Mk III is a semi-automated cleaning line from Turbex

Helping compressed air users identify cost savings

Software programme to help engineers determine the volume of wasted air due to leaks

Hollow-shaft right angle helical gear drives

The gear drives feature heavy-duty sealed ball bearings, 1:1, 2:1 or 3:2 ratios

Getting the most from biomass in combined heat and power plants

The high cost of energy in combination with concerns over the long term security of fuel supplies as resources decline, has significantly increased interest for the Process Industries with regard to the use of alternative fuels, in particular biomass

Growth for vacuum pumps is in high-tech applications

European market will expand from €405.2m in 2010 to €750.1m in 2017, according to survey

Filter protects pneumatic devices from particulate damage

Typically remove particles down to 5 microns in size, protecting pneumatic devices from damage

Desiccant dust filters have an area of over 15m2

Protection of key downstream equipment during the production and processing of industrial gases

Savings in steam consumption

Mechanical steam traps on its process, utilities and steam distribution pipeline replaced

Air compressor

A Huron air compressor by DV Systems equipped with a Vacon X Series drive

High speed separation

Features of the Super MX include an external conical motor tube gusset, 5 HP motor with extra large bearings

Precise control increases process profit margins

Good temperature control is about efficient heat transfer to the application which results in smaller less expensive units

Hermetic sealed – a clean solution for hazardous, toxic or crystallising media

Environmental protection and safety are now some of the most important key issues of system operators

Process systems for biotechnology and pharmaceutical production plants

Turnkey production systems and plants tailored to individual requirements based on workflow and process know-how

Hot air blower

Volume of air and the heating power can be regulated internally

Dry vacuum pump sets new standard for high reliability

Pumps deliver exceptional vacuum performance in harsh chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processes

Rupture disc features full-open relief area

Designed specifically for the European pharmaceutical, food and beverage and biotech industries

Positive displacement blowers and exhausters

Dresser Roots Centrifugal compressors are available in three primary lines: Integral Gear, Overhung Impeller with Bearing Housing and Horizontally Split Multi-stage

Contamination control made easier ... and better

While cleaning hose and tube assemblies has traditionally been done using a fluid flushing method, a relatively new 'dry' technique is gaining popularity. Eric Van Alphen reports



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