Process Equipment

Talking torque

Pump and valve innovator finds a test rig technology that talks the torque

Contactless radar level sensor

Installed at critical control point on a feed hopper over 8m high and around 5m square at the bottom

Surface scrutiny

Heat and cool mould technology improves finish for ABS/polycarbonate blend


Variable speed drive aids boilers

New closed loop system offers more stable steam temperature

Predicting the future

What does 2018 hold in store for AR and VR in the factory?

Registration now open for IMTS 2018

Strong economic growth bodes well for one of the busiest shows in years

New ultraviolet emitting diode

The long-life unit is designed for sterilisation and purification

FRAM board targets the Industrial Internet of Things

Uses could include include smart meters, test and measurement equipment, wireless sensor nodes and factory equipment that require high-performance nonvolatile data capture

New flexible, self-adhesive capacitive sensor

The sticky sensor is for non-contact, continuous level detection on non-conductive vessel or pipe outer walls made of glass, plastic or ceramic

New pump designed with hygiene in mind

The front-loading seal system means it can be cleaned-in-place

Vibration monitoring and analysis service helps prolong life of critical equipment

Vibration monitoring and analysis service helps prolong life of critical equipment at UK cement works

Geared motors come online

The latest development allows maximum torque values to be set and optimises efficiency under partial load conditions

Russian metallurgists develop a unique furnace

Advancement offers more efficient recycling of industrial waste

Welders embrace the VR revolution

Trainees at EEF Technology Training Centre in Birmingham are learning the easy way

New condensate drain for compressed air systems

The unit strains to 250 microns

Drum tipper meets low-height receiving vessels

The new system is designed to cut out the dust

New gas valve offers greater precision

Sintered body also reduces clogging and offers a longer service life

New polymer facility opens

The £10 million Polymer Innovation Centre in Lancashire, England is now operational for pilot-plant scale manufacturing of new polymers

Industrial waste, an example of shot blasting with low environmental impact

The circular economy has two issues to solve: on the one hand, an offer of recycled products that is growing faster than demand and, on the other hand, the lack of a valid outlet for the management of waste produced by manufacturing industries in all sectors.



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