Is your UPS actually uninterruptible?

Andy Parfitt outlines the value of combining a standard uninterruptable power supply with customised, environment specific ruggedised protection – a Protected UPS to meet key operational requirements while actually reducing overall lifetime cost of ownership

Space saving slim-line DIN rail power supplies

The units have a wide operating temperature range of -25C to +70C and a typical efficiency rating up to 91%

High voltage power management

The M55 Series is suitable for telecom, computer, defence and aerospace applications

Hyper-fast rectifier

Diodes Incorporated offers 600V 8A performance for power-factor correction applications

Reliable power supplies

Recom introduces new power supply families, the REDIN45 and REDIN60 with 45W and 60W power

Low voltage input converter

The convection cooled units will operate up to 51,000ft altitude and 1,500ft below sea level

Powering cathodic protection

Steve Hughes explains how cathodic protection can adapt to become more controlled and efficient than ever before, in line with industry 4.0

Miniature low cost motion tracking module

Xsens has developed a series of complete, self-contained 3D motion tracking modules for high volume industrial and ‘prosumer’ applications

Sensor developer aims at healthcare

Network of sensors sends data back to a smart device or mobile for real-time feedback or for later analysis

Design control, analysis and trouble-shooting

Texas Instruments boosts WEBENCH tools for expert power-supply designers

70VDC/DC converter has 7µA quiescent current

The LT8494 starts up from an input voltage range of 2.5V to 32V and once running it operates from inputs from 1V to 60V

Buck converter simplifies point of load supply designs

The ISL8117 uses the valley current modulation technique to bring simplified power supply design with minimal number of components

Universal battery controller for UPS systems

Available as standalone modules which can be connected to any 24VDC or 48VDC power source or integrated to a compact 24VDC power supply

Medical battery technology

How apps and wearables from consumer electronic brands are impacting the healthcare sector and the regulatory issues of distributing medical technology globally

Bi-directional low-loss switch for battery-charging circuits

End-markets include chargers for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and media players, which use 1-cell and 2-cell lithium batteries

225 Watt AC-DC supply in a 2in x 4in package

Seven single-output models that offer a range of standard output voltages from +12VDC to +48VDC

Set your lasers to stun

New range of power supplies for laser applications in food and beverage, printing, packaging and food processing



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