Low power AC/DC power supplies for PCB mount

Modules certified to safety standard EN 60035 for easy integration into household appliances

Batteries: Growing German sector offers many opportunities

The growing German battery industry offers many opportunities, says Michele Windsor. Here, she looks at the key features of the industry

Thin laminate energy device

Meets the demand for a slim high capacity energy source with a maintenance-free extended life cycle in wireless sensor nodes

Four-channel current-feedback power amplifier IC for car audio

Integrated device supports speaker protection functionality and better sound quality

Power supplies for use in demanding industrial applications

IDEC’s new power supply line improves upon existing models and features superior price/performance ratios

High temperature power module

Raytheon UK develops high temperature power module for electrical switching applications in harsh environments

Eliminate interference in electrical systems

EMC specialists identify excessively high leakage currents, their causes and offer suitable corrective actions

Straight to the coolest battery

Fronius optimises traction battery utilisation with the Cool Battery Guide Easy

Water-cooled power controller offers extended lifespan

Suitable for industrial ovens and heating equipment in the process, automation and plating industries

1500Vdc Input, 2500W DC-DC converter for power transmission systems

The converter is built with rugged internal modules connected parallel via internal redundancy diodes

The evolution of new battery technologies

Batteries are now being included much earlier in the product design stages, meaning they can be developed to fit the needs of the manufacturer. Neil Oliver explores the evolution of battery technologies

Silicon carbide power MOSFETs

For faster switching, high temperature power conversion topologies and systems

Reliable resistor supply

Martin Nicholls discusses why replacement resistors are still needed for legacy systems

Reliable resistor supply

Martin Nicholls discusses why replacement resistors are still needed for legacy systems

Powering reliable research

New variable transformers eliminate electrical interference

Rechargeable button cells

VARTA expands CoinPowerR Li-Ion Micro Battery Series for Bluetooth and wireless applications

Fusible wirewound safety resistor

Device features silent fusing and surge voltage capability of 2kV

Thermal bag counters fire risk from lithium-ion batteries

Lithium batteries are used in many every-day electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers and MP3 players

Navigating safe battery transport

IATA regulations revised to reduce transport risk of Lithium-ion batteries by plane. Michele outlines some of these challenges


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