One manufacturer’s junk is another’s gold

Martin Nicholls offers advice to manufacturers and plant managers who need to replace old or obsolete electrical resistors

Thermal fuse

Offers the highest holding temperature and highest open temperature available in the market

Intelligent charge controller

Meets the exacting demands of next generation power banks, says ON Semiconductor

Medical equipment power supplies

Traco Power medical grade power solutions are available in both AC/DC and DC/DC solutions

Industrial DC-DC converters

Come in DIP-8 Package for space-critical applications

Ultralow noise low dropout regulator

Linear Technology’s LT3045 is for noise-sensitive power applications

Compact 60V SMD MOSFET

60V SOP Advance SMD device allows designers to optimise performance and reduce size of power supply and motor control designs

High-speed DC load solves point-of-load converter test challenges

EL 2000 HS modules minimise inductance, resistance and noise in fast slew rate DC load testing

Compact RF energy reference system

Targets industrial heating market and drives magnetron replacement

1200W-1500W modular power supply

Series has lowest acoustic noise and full MoPP isolation, says TDK Corporation

600W fanless power supply

Completely silent in operation, produces no vibration and offers >25% reliability increase over fan cooled alternatives

Reducing power consumption in power supply

Low-voltage devices in TO220 and TO220SIS packages deliver ‘best-in-class’ efficiency across range of load conditions

New half-bridge IGBT module

New half-bridge IGBT module Suitable for use in industrial and servo drives, solar inverters, high power converters, UPSs and welding equipment

60V buck-boost regulators

Suitable for for automotive, industrial, test, automation, lighting, battery regulation, and telecom applications


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