Wireless charging: power without cables

The wireless charging market is predicted to expand by factor of nearly 70 by 2014, according to research by iSuppli Corp

New DC-bus power supply

Gefran's AFE200 active front end technology brings regenerative power supply for ADV200 vector inverter range

Dual power supply with digital remote control

TTI is launching the CPX400DP Powerflex regulated power supply that is equipped with RS-232, USB, GPIB and Lan (Ethernet) interfaces as standard

Baseplate-cooled power supplies rated to 500W

New CPFE500 baseplate-cooled power supplies from TDK-Lambda are suitable for applications where cooling fans cannot be used

50W X-ray generator power supply for gridded tubes in industrial applications

HiTek Power announces X-ray power supply for industrial and scientific analytical applications

Small power supplies now available with DC inputs

Siemens is launching revised Logo!Power miniature power supplies that benefit from AC and DC inputs

Power supplies start and run at -40 degrees C

New Miniline 60W power supplies from Puls have a true operating temperature range of -40 to +60 degrees C

PCB power supplies are smaller and more efficient

TDK-Lambda is introducing the ZWS-BAF series of PCB-type AC-DC power supplies that are smaller and more energy-efficient than their predecessors

Multi-power supply systems with up to 2 kW

With different wide input voltage ranges between 14,4 and 154 VDC, the devices supply output voltages between 12 and 110 VDC

10.5V High Speed Low IQ200mA LDO with extended temperature range

XC6505 comes with a thermal shutdown circuit that turns off the integrated P-ch driver transistor

PCB-type ac-dc power supplies

Environmentally friendly due to high efficiency and small size

Tiny 400mA synchronous step-down DC/DC converters

Provide a high efficiency and a stable power supply with output currents of up to 400mA

Energy saving 150W medical power supplies

Meet global 60601-1 Ed 2 & 3 safety approvals for medical equipment

LED power supplies are waterproof to IP67 and UL 1310 Class 2

Typical applications include in-store food display and mood lighting applications, outdoor signs

Battery range could fit in a wallet

Accutronics’ credit card sized batteries are available of the shelf



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