60W dual redundant hot swap power supplies

For secure bulk power applications, including digital imaging, communication systems, industrial PCs and telecom or broadcast systems

Power supplies meet medical performance specifications

Excelsys Technologies’ Xsolo suitable for use for either BF or B type medical applications

DIN rail DC-DC converters

Offer a wide input and noise immunity for industrial applications

Wireless charging with ultra-fast data transmission

Meshing the two emerging technologies will enable consumers to charge portable devices while simultaneously streaming ultra HD video — without a wire in sight

Lithium-ion cell packs

Offer higher voltages, higher energy densities, excellent recharging capability, operating temperature range

Triple output programmable DC power supply

The 1350 features programmable control via USB interface and microprocessor controlled circuits

Snap-in power aluminium capacitors

For audio, industrial, and general power supply applications, devices feature high capacitance to 47,000µF

Rectifiers offer increased power density and system efficiency

Footprint-compatible with TO-263 package, devices offer lower <1.7mm height for automotive and telecom applications

Digital isolators provide plug-and-play isolated power supply

Enhances reliability for applications in harsh, noisy operating environments, including factory automation, process control, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), solar inverters and automotive battery management

AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies with outputs ranging from 50 to 125VDC

Acopian's 288 Watt Narrow Profile switching regulated power supplies now certified to UL and CE safety standards

Bi-polar nickel metal hydride batteries for electrical power systems integrators

Nilar’s advanced battery packs and modules for installations requiring totally reliable power back-up, failsafe starting, or bulk energy storage

Ultra-compact 100W baseplate cooled power supply

Typical applications include military COTS power solutions, rugged industrial and instrumentation systems

2500W bi-directional DC-DC converter

Battery side 48VDC, grid side 320VDC; high efficiencies Up To 94%; RS-485 communications and control

Standing on the precipice looking down

Rob Phillips explores the benefits of supplier days and the importance of including the battery manufacturer in the early stages of the design process



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