Camera tech for process tasks

Glenn Wedgbrow on optimising the measurement performance of infrared thermal imaging cameras

Flexible RF cables for 50GHz and 67GHz test systems

Applications for the cables include semiconductor probe testing, precise bench top testing and lab/production testing

Compact system-on-module uses Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

Aimed multi-tasking embedded systems in the automotive, broadcast, communications, industrial, medical, test and measurement markets

Reliable weighing in harsh environments

Redesigned digital load cell for filling and metering applications delivers reliable measured values

Data loggers for precise recording of water levels

Can record water level and temperature in groundwater wells, streams, lakes, wetlands and tidal areas

Monorail guidance systems 4.0

RUE-E series now includes sensor units that provide both automatic relubrication and bearing condition monitoring

Zero flow offset measurement

Morgan Advanced Materials has developed a method to measure the zero flow offset property for a broad spectrum of transducers, optimising overall flow measurement accuracy in ultrasonic sensors

Dual-range torque sensor

Suited to field portable and factory applications in industrial automation, engine and power transmission testing, turbines, electric motor test

Waterproof handheld meters

Designed to provide benchtop meter functionality in a portable form

Non-contact thermometer for foundries

Provides accurate temperature measurement for liquid metals in the range 1,000˚C to 2,000˚C (1,832˚F to 3,632˚F)

Processing reliability in screwdriving technology

On-site calibration helps minimise downtime and save costs the easy way

Test and diagnostics for HV cables in a single system

Key features include adjustable detection sensitivity, automatic calibration mode with joint location facilities, real time data processing

Top tips for choosing a calibration supplier

Industrial calibration services are widely available, from suppliers both big and small, but what should buyers look for when choosing a calibration partner? Matt Gypps offers 10 tips



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