Modules stop rodless cylinders mid-stroke

Provide one or more accurate mid-stroke stop positions

Heat-treatable gold alloy offers higher strength

Considerable amount of research and experimentation was required to find a gold that would be strong enough to create a practical jug

Coating delivers significant performance improvements

High-performance polymer, heightens resistance to wear and corrosion in extreme environments, such as automotive, electronics

Materials selection software is simpler to use

A new version of Granta Design's CES Selector software is said to be easier to use, plus it offers introduces new functions for eco design, cost analysis and more

First production run with catalyst technology

Claimed to combine high catalyst activity, the potential for significant energy savings and new product opportunities

Polymers with nanoparticles could create self-healing paints

Process creates versatile polymer latex product; it can be used to create scratch-resistant paints in which the scratches ‘heal’ themselves

High-speed scribing machine

The XF510Sr can achieve markings of 0.2mm in depth on almost any metal; process is also quiet, says maker Technifor

Wood-based plastic is safe enough for toys

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a new plastic, Arboform, that is based on lignin, a waste product from paper manufacturing

Improved analysis of composite structures

Helius:MCT is a new software package from Firehole Technologies that is claimed to be the most advanced composite analysis package on the market

Micro-manufacturing now offers advantages for specialist processes

Miniaturisation is not new, but manufacturing mechanical, electromechanical and fluidic components on a micro scale is rapidly developing into a recognisable industry in itself. Alistair Rae reports on a selection of the latest developments in this exciting field

Innovative compact seal suits dynamic applications

New from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is the Turcon Roto VL seal that is designed for dynamic applications with medium- or high-pressure fluids

Pressure activated luer lock check valve

USP Class VI low priming valve generates a stable cracking pressure of 8-10 psi and is rated up to 330 psi

Near-infrared technology monitors resin dosing

Researchers have developed a near-infrared optical technique for online monitoring of resin distribution during the manufacture of wood-based boards

Polymer for compression vanes in pneumatic tools

VICTREX T-Series polymer delivers enhanced mechanical and tribological properties; helps satisfy environmental requirements

Combat product piracy with explosive embossing

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute has developed a cost-effective explosive embossing technique for protecting mass-produced goods

Versatile metal expands into new role in tree-top walkway

Andy Foster looks at how a versatile metal has been put to use at London's Kew Gardens

Recycled plastics offer commercial and environmental benefits

Manufacturers of products incorporating plastics are finding recycled materials increasingly attractive, both for economic and marketing reasons. Alistair Rae looks at the options available and the latest developments in recycled post-consumer plastic waste



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