Polymer-metal matrix enables strains to be measured

Researchers can process polymer-metal matrix materials for strain-sensing in composites

Stainless steel types, applications and new developments

Stainless steel is an attractive material for a variety of applications, usually due to the corrosion resistance and strength but sometimes also for aesthetics. However, designers that are new to stainless steel can find the choice of grades confusing. Alistair Rae provides an overview of the different types, typical applications and recent developments

Graphene overtaking carbon nanotubes

Graphene may displace carbon nanotubes and even Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) in some applications. Cathleen Thiele reports

Researchers shed light on magnetic mystery of graphite

Finding how make graphite magnetic could be first step to utilising it as a bio-compatible magnet

Researchers make breakthroughs in rolling element bearing steels

Rolling element bearings have a significant impact on the energy-efficiency of most mechanisms, yet they have their limitations in terms of load capacity, speed and longevity. Jon Severn reports on recent developments that could lead to major advances in bearing steels

World’s first bamboo mobile smartphone

'ADzero’ is made from four year old organically grown bamboo specially treated for durability

Layered metal shims cut assembly times and costs

The steel layers are peeled off manually with a knife directly at the machine


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