Over-centre latches suit medium-duty applications

Protex Fasteners is introducing new 75 series medium-duty over-centre latches that are available in a choice of stainless steel or zinc-plated mild steel

Padlockable swinghandles suit harsh environments

Emka is introducing new stainless steel and polymer swinghandles that can be locked using standard padlocks

High-reliability connector now with fibre-optic contacts

Harwin is offering the option of two EBOSATM contacts as well as two power and four signal contacts in its new Datamate EBO-TEK connector

Green Laser Welder produces consistent joints in copper and gold

Miyachi Europe says its new ML-8150C SHG Green Laser Welder produces consistent and reliable joints in hard-to-weld gold and copper

Flexible adhesive preforms: a simple approach to sealing and bonding

Multi-Seals F05 Poly-forms are flexible pre-shaped adhesives designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass

Industrial connector housings are easier to install

Thanks to a choice of mounting styles and additional space for wiring, Harting's latest size 3 A Han HPR series industrial connectors are simpler to install

Cable entry system seals flat cables

M Buttkereit is introducing the icotek KEL cable entry system for sealing flat cables where they enter machine casings or control cabinets

Shielded cabling system includes tool-less jacks

Belden is introducing a system of cabling and connectors that offers high immunity to electromagnetic interference, with the added benefit of a tool-less jack

Force-displacement evaluation unit with integral Ethernet/IP master

Kistler's new DMF-P A310 Universal Type 4740A… force-displacement evaluation unit features an integral Ethernet/IP master for faster commissioning

Field-installable connectors enable three-step fibre optic terminations

With Belden's Fiberexpress Brilliance field-installable connectors, optical fibres can be terminated in just five seconds, requiring only three steps and no tools

Micro self-clinching standoff fasteners suit electronic applications

PEM micro self-clinching standoff fasteners from Penn Engineering are designed for spacing and stacking tasks in space-constrained electronic products

Ultrasonic and laser welding offer opportunity for joining plastic

Ultrasonic welding and laser welding offer new opportunities for joining plastics. Product manufacturers are under pressure to reduce the cost of assembling plastic components but without compromising quality. For those wishing to avoid adhesives, there are some new opportunities worth investigating in the fields of ultrasonic welding and laser welding, as Jon Severn reports

Rugged industrial connectors use plastic housings to reduce weight

Harting's new Han-Eco high-quality, all-plastic industrial connector housings are rugged, light weight and cost-effective, while also versatile, safe and reliable

Stainless steel conduit is easy and quick to install

Anamet Europe has designed its new IP69K stainless steel flexible conduit to be easy and quick to install by means of push-on fittings

Sprung hinges feature concealed mechanism

Pinet Industrie's new aluminium spring hinges are available with a choice of spring torques, all with the mechanism concealed within the body of the hinge

Bolt into battle

RotaBolts are being used on one of the most advanced tactical military bridging systems in the world

Conformally cooled mould tool inserts reduce cycle time by 20 per cent

The use of LaserCUSING technology, a process from the field of rapid tooling/prototyping manufacturing, allows tool and mould makers to produce mould inserts with individually configured close-contour cooling channels

Innovative camlock provides enhanced security

New from Camlock Systems, the Series 35 locking device features an all-new isotoxal mechanism with an innovative asymmetrical warded keyway

Captive fastener suits 19-inch rack front panels

FDB Panel Fittings says its captive Snap-Joiner fits standard 19-inch rack cutouts, enabling rapid assembly and removal


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