Investment in prototyping

Tube machining and joining is now quicker

New Medical Grade Potting Epoxy

Techsil adds epoxy-based adhesive Structalit® 8801 to its portfolio of medical grade adhesives.

Complete plastic composite spring

LeeP™ springs are manufactured in Ultem PEI (polyetherimide) resin


Rotary connector for rotating components

Eisele offers new practical connector from Basicline push-in fitting

New silicone sponge for rail industry seals

Typical uses to include door and roof seals, enclosure seals, HVAC seals and gaskets

New range of clear encapsulants

The demand for encapsulants and potting materials is registering an annual growth rate of 3.7% between 2016 and 2021

How to choose an adhesive

Peter Crossen looks at the considerations that should be made when choosing an industrial adhesive

Joining forces

Case study exploring the development of engineered latching for enhanced usability

Reliable connections

Wim Vanheertum details the latest developments in high-performance connectivity

Brewing success

Hygienic stainless steel connections prove reliable in brewing a traditional German beer, explains Thomas Maier

3D models and animations

TR Fastenings enters world of 3D modelling with brand new product animations

Specifying fasteners

Steve Adkins explores the benefits a fastener expert that can deliver to OEMs and tier suppliers

Self-clinching fasteners

For attachment applications in composites, plastics and other rigid materials

The importance of specifying correct fasteners

Ian Carvell explores the benefits a fastener expert can deliver to OEMs and tier suppliers

Customisable connectors

Martin Yiapanas discusses modular connectors for automated factory machinery and equipment

Next-gen connections

Thomas Maier reveals how all media connections can be made with one flick of the wrist via a new modular kit system

The right connections

Louise Smyth reports on the latest news from the fasteners sector



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