Exploratory campaigns provide encouragement for investors

From Alaska to Ireland and Indonesia, many exploratory campaigns are producing positive results. Eugene McCarthy explains.

Circuit board cleaners improved down-hole logging tools possible

MicroCare products help to prolong the life of these intricate devices and avoid the costs of down-hole failures

LED lighting for hazardous areas

When it comes to specifying lighting for use in hazardous offshore oil and gas environments, users should consider the technical and cost advantages of installing the latest LED lamps over the more traditional fluorescent alternatives, says Willi Steckel

Ship capable of lifting the topside structures from offshore platforms

Colfax Fluid Handling to supply hydraulic pumps for world's largest heavy-lifting ship

Successful subsea installation with water-driven pile-driving hammer

Minimises potential oil spill hazards in the marine environment and presents new opportunities for deep-water offshore pile-driving

Enhanced breaking strength for crane rope

Teufelberger has now relaunched its Evolution TK16 high performance rope. The key factor of this rope upgrade, is its increased breaking strength with up to plus 7 per cent

Improving strategies with better seismic software

Eugene McCarthy looks at how improved seismic software is helping E&P companies to design better strategies and improve production

Novel technologies vie to improve subsea flows

From undersea compression to improved drainage and blockage removal, E and P companies are turning to novel technologies to improve their product returns

Zinc ribbon anodes for AC mitigation

Recognising the increased need for pipeline grounding to dissipate interference

Rolling bearings prevent unplanned downtime of drill rig plant and machinery

Rolling bearings used in offshore drilling applications must withstand extremely harsh operating conditions. Drill rig operators must therefore select bearings that maximise machine availability and prevent unplanned downtime, says Dr Steve Lacey

Field services key to asset exploitation

Field services companies supply everything from pipeline integrity management services to software in order to maximise production from assets. Sean Ottewell reports

Europe continues to attract drilling investments

Major drilling investments in Europe show that the continent remains a lucrative location for oil and gas discovery and development. Eugene McCarthy reports.

Flexible ceramic heatshield solves temperature issues at oil platform

Enables oil engineers to quickly and effectively protect HVAC unit from a flare stack in a harsh environment

Corrosion protection for valves and pipes

Corrosion protection is a big industry, especially against that of H2S (sour gas) corrosion of steel. Brian Zielinski-Smith reports

FEA proves a powerful tool for cabling

Pierre Blusseau looks at the use of finite element analysis (FEA) in the development, design, and review of cabling systems

Solving oil platform corrosion problems

Hydratight teams marked, cut and repaired the damaged sections during shutdown

Upgrades for crane scales

Measurement Systems International launches new generation of MSI-4260 and MSI-3460 models


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