Power switcher with HV transistor

Features ultra-low power consumption and improved protection functions

Potting epoxy cures fast at low oven temperatures

Formulated for temperature-sensitive applications in electronics

Power plug connector

Eisele has expanded the Multiline E to include an M12 power plug

300MHz to 6GHz dual wideband mixer

For 5G wireless multichannel remote radio head wireless access equipment

300MHz to 6GHz dual wideband mixer

For 5G wireless multichannel remote radio head wireless access equipment

Internet of Things is expanding rapidly

Prime Base has partnered with an ecosystem of clients-partners in areas such as smart homes and buildings, cost effective and sustainable LED lighting solutions

Photonic detectors for distance measurement

Suit applications such as rangefinders, robot vacuum cleaners, factory automation, surveying/mapping, autonomous vehicles

First end-to-end portfolio for 802.11ax WiFi

Wi-Fi networks become more crowded, dense and diverse, 802.11ax is designed to improve connected experiences

PMBus compliant PoL DC-DC converters

Murata adds 94% efficient converters targeted for FPGA and processor power applications

High performance resins

Meet requirements from potting and sealing to dipping, including exceptional electrical and thermal characteristics, flame retardancy and resistance to chemicals and fuels

Chlorine-free cleaning fluid

Cleans the most challenging, high-temperature solder pastes and fluxes and also removes white residues from PCBs

Isolated RS-485 transceiver

Robust ISL32704E offers the highest working voltage for industrial IoT networks

Understanding non-contact colour measurement

In order to successfully utilise the benefits that modern colour sensors can offer, it is important to understand how sensors measure colour, says Stephen Smith

Power current sensor which offers high-precision measurements

Powertron PCS Series from VPG Foil Resistors offers reliability and long-term stability

Ultra-compact, high efficiency 125W AC-DC module

Suitable for broadcast, storage and network products include servers and routers, switches and other processor-based equipment

SMB rectifier in low-profile package

Device features a high forward output current rating of 5A and reverse voltage of 600V



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