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Four-channel car audio power amplifier IC

Sound quality is refined by the integration of a current-feedback system similar to that found in high-end hi-fi audio systems

Flexible LED strips

Highly flexible coloured LED strips are ideal for integration into architectural features and for outside use

Encapsulated surface mount fuse

Only surface mount fuse in the industry certified to UL 913 Standard

Time-of-flight 3D vision

Chipset simplifies design of robust and future-proof solutions for automotive, industrial and smart cities

Silicone adhesive lowers costs

New Dow Corning EA-5151 Quick in Connect Adhesive accelerates assembly of automotive electronics

CPU safety-critical systems

New CPU combines high performance and functional safety to FortifAI intelligent systems

Low profile 225 Watt power supply

High efficiency and very low no load input power consumption enable compliance with the latest ‘green’ standards

Mitigating power failure

ide Systems launches generator connection point to reduce downtime

4mm pitch spring connector

Suitable for applications where the connector will experience side loading

Advanced synchronous rectifier controller

Dual MOSFET driver controller requires minimal external components for LLC topologies

Single fuse solution

For applications that demand both high current ratings and a compact footprint

Fixed length cable assemblies

Amphenol RF’s SMPM pre-configured cable assemblies feature high performance SMPM plug connectors

Millimetre-wave 5G test system

Supports the emulation and aggregation of very wideband 5G radio channels at millimetre-wave frequencies

Ultra-wideband mixer integrates LO buffer for high dynamic range

Aimed at applications such as 5G microwave backhaul, broadband wireless services, satellite broadband radios, radar systems

Tool verifies 10 billion+ transistors within hours

Multi-threaded processing architecture to accelerate physical sign-off for its IC Validator tool


Your Career

Your Career


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