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RS-485 transceivers with highest reinforced isolation

Higher working voltage and reinforced isolation is required for today’s most rigorous medical and high-speed motor control applications

Expanded IO-Link

Range from addresses demands for data capabilities down to sensor and actuator level

Expanding the horizons of motion control chips

Off-the-shelf motion control chips or integrated circuits (ICs) are highly flexible and can in fact be used to control many other types of system. Gerard Bush reports.

Barometric sensors for battery-operated devices

Designed to support height and pressure measurement in drones, smartphones, pedometers

Smart gate driver photocoupler

New Toshiba device includes improved desaturation sensing function

Deep learning computer vision algorithms ported to processor IP

Image classification technology uses deep learning algorithms to analyse visual input

Automotive receiver family

Chips enable car radio suppliers to use designs across multiple product lines

Sign-off and verification tools for latest ARM cores on 7nm process

Providing path-based, sign-off-accurate and physically aware design optimisation

Three chips for 802.11ax wireless ecosystem

Support delivery of simultaneous video, voice, data and IOT services

Module uses interference blocking to boost range

Provide reliable long-range, low-data rate connectivity for industrial IoT applications

Microscopes locate hard-to-see defects

Sample inspection for difficult-to-inspect samples such as semiconductors, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays

USB Type-C plug & go power supply

For charging and transferring data, used in laptops, tablets, phones and equipment manufacturer applications

80A discrete bidirectional TVS diode array

Safely absorb repetitive electrostatic discharge strikes without performance degradation

Battery pack manufacturing

For hybrid and electric vehicles, power tools and energy storage applications

SSDs with 64-Layer 3D Flash memory

Meet demand for greater storage capacities and application needs while leveraging the power of the latest flash memory technology

Guide to better power quality

How electrical engineers and plant and facilities managers can mitigate these problems

Power amplifier accessories

Include heat sinks, heat sinks with cooling fans and power control cable assemblies



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