Beating water vapour permeability

Versaperm has introduced a specialist vapour permeability measurement system for electronic enclosures and components

A look into the future of HMIs

Joint project established after a trend study identified and examined the most important areas to consider for successful human machine interaction in manufacturing

A cool solution

Techsil’s heat transfer tapes for thermal management in electronic systems

Flat panels and panel PCs with all-round protection

19-inch widescreen operator panels with complete IP65 protection; scratchproof, 100% glass front for use at the machine level

Not your regular radio top 10

Industrial components supplier European Automation has put together a bitesize guide for using radio frequency identification in a manufacturing environment

High brightness TFTs target outdoor environments

Display readability maintained in high levels of ambient light, says LCD manufacturer KOE

Wireless and battery-less energy harvesting switches

Meet demand for simple and flexible wireless data transmission of switch signals with maintenance-free low energy consumption

Developing devices for the Internet of Things

Synergy platform combines qualified software with a new family of MCUs and an ecosystem of tools and support options into one scalable and secure platform

14nm technology to boost next generation FPGA performance

Adds registers throughout the routing fabric to provide faster links between logic blocks and more design optimisation options

COM-Express board taps 14nm processors for handheld market

Type 10 SOM-7568 module uses the latest Intel Pentium N3700, Celeron N3150 and Celeron N3000 single-chip processors, which are manufactured on new Intel14-nm process technology

Next generation chip for ultra low power wireless solutions

Nordic nRF52 Serie marryies performance and power efficiency with on-chip NFC for touch-to-pair 

Single-chip clock IC for wireless base stations

Reduces BOM cost, footprint and power in small cell and macro cell applications

The A-Z of electrical enclosures

Selecting the best enclosure for a particular situation requires some thought, as there are several issues to consider. Chris Lloyd offers this help

Compact case with integrated cooling solution

Small and powerful PC units can now be used as decentralised control and monitoring units in automation systems

Wireless computers for large scale, big data WAN computing

The UC-8100 series wireless computers are specially designed for industry automation and field applications

Graphene set to make waves in multiple markets

Strong characteristics can put graphene ahead of carbon nanotubes in most application segments, finds Frost & Sullivan

Acoustic vent designed for immersion down to 30m

GORE Acoustic Vent GAW331 is engineered specifically to maintain a device’s sound quality even after immersion

ROBOCHOP: the future of manufacturing?

Internet users from around the world accessed four industrial robots via a 3D web app or their smart phones and created small cubist designs which were then created by the robots. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Programmable precision dispenser

Applications include those in medical device manufacturing, electronics, optics and automotive



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